Koala Chest Harness

Torse Koala - Harnesses Accessories - Courant Arborist
Torse Koala - Harnesses Accessories - Courant Arborist

Arborist chest harness

New arborist chest harness.

The new arborist chest harness is manufactured from perforated foam and soft fabrics which make it very comfortable and highly breathable. It helps to redistribute the weight of heavy tools and increase comfort while climbing.



The different loops facilitate the attachment of equipment, accessories, or your SRT climbing system. Three carabiners attach the Chest harness to the Koala harness and four adjustment points will give you an optimum fit.

The Koala arborist chest harness is also compatible with other arborist harnesses currently on the market. 




  • Colour: Black/Green
  • Dimensions: 490mm x 565mm
  • Weight: 0.7kg
AUD 0.00

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