Singing Rock Site

Singing Rock Site

SITE / W1011WB02 - length 200 cm
SITE / W1011WB04 - length 400 cm

Work positioning lanyard with a rope clamp for your safe and efficient work at height

  • • 11 mm rope sewn in an unopenable version of LOCKER rope clamp (fall arrester)
  • • one end of the rope is ended by a sewed eye
  • • rope covered with a tubular webbing 
  • • parking cam for blocking in a required position 
  • • easy and fast handling makes work safe and efficient
  • • available with a stitched-in connector in accordance with EN 362


Weight: 410 g • 14.5 oz (2 m version)
Length: 200 and 400 cm
EN 358    EN 353-2    ce    1019
AUD 0.00

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