Singing Rock Craggy Gloves

Singing Rock Craggy Gloves
Singing Rock Craggy Gloves


Crack climbing gloves providing very effective hand protection against scratching.

  • • provide increased friction and firm up a climber´s hands
  • • don't restrict wrist movement and don't crush the wrist arteries
  • • inner side made of comfortable artificial stretch leather
  • • outer side made of rubber with high friction
  • • elastic rubber bands don't cut between the fingers, the elastic band for the exposed little finger is doubled for greater durability
  • • thumb hole in the leather provides greater comfort and grip when climbing
  • • velcro closure
  • • designed for climbing over the toughest cracks
  • • available in four sizes


Color: black/yellow
Weight: 52 g • 1.83 oz [M size]
Size: S, M, L, XL
Material: artificial leather, rubber, polyester
AUD 0.00

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